ELIAS ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK is the nexus within which all ventures of debbie lynn elias are developed and interconnect.

With a core philosophy of “Educate, Enlighten, Entertain”, ELIAS ENTERTAINMENT does just that.


Known best for her work as a noted film critic and interviewer, debbie lynn elias provides exclusive privately syndicated content to more than 140 print and online publications the world over. Looking for that different angle? That in-depth look behind-the-scenes? What makes talent creatively tick? Then look no further than the self-syndication arm of ELIAS ENTERTAINMENT. Always expanding coverage, no newspaper is too small, no site too large to have exclusive content by debbie lynn elias. Just look at some of the outlets she already serves:

Culver City Observer
British Weekly

Santa Monica Observer
Columbus Register

Sunday Sun
Lacey Times
Montgomery Ledger

Real News
Arizona Newspaper Group
Behind The Lens Online

Interested in carrying debbie’s work in your publication? Looking for a specific interview or review? You need only ask. Rates are reasonable and negotiable to suit your needs and budget. Just contact us at info@eliasentertainmentnetwork.com and put “PUBLICATION” in the subject line.


ELIAS ENTERTAINMENT believes in the power of film and television in their many forms and platforms, not only for entertainment, but education. We champion independent films and we get involved through production consultation and producing roles. Through her From Small On production arm, debbie calls on almost 40 years of experience in the technical and creative ends of production to help develop and produce interesting or fun projects and assist filmmakers in bringing their visions to light, be it for script evaluation or rewrite, development, a first-look or, as a producer. And with this much experience, we also know where to turn for the right people to help bring your production to fruition. An award-winning producer, some of debbie’s most recent ventures include:

Co-op of The Damned
The Cat's Cradle

Currently in development is an original script of her own, The Morning After the Night Before.

For production consulting or producing opportunities, contact us at info@eliasentertainmentnetwork.com and put “PRODUCTION” in the subject line.


A favorite with distributors, publicists and talent alike as a moderator for screenings and panels, debbie lynn elias is available to moderate/host your premiere, post-screening Q&A, conduct in-depth panel discussions, and more. Always thoroughly prepared, you can be sure she’ll add that extra spark and extra thought to engage your audience and your talent just a bit more.

Inquiries for moderating and/or panel appearances should be directed to info@eliasentertainmentnetwork.com with “MODERATING” or “Q&A” with “MODERATING” or “Q&A” in the subject line.


No stranger to the camera or a microphone, you can count on debbie to "Educate, Enlighten and Entertain", be it as a talk show or podcast guest or as host of her own radio show and podcast, "Behind the Lens" which streams live on Adrenaline Radio (www.adrenalineradio.com) every Monday at 11am PT/2pm ET. Tune in! Log on! Listen in!

All inquiries for personal appearances should be directed to info@eliasentertainmentnetwork.com indicating “PERSONAL APPEARANCE” in the subject line.

To contact elias entertainment network with comments, questions, ad inqueries and requests Send your email to info@eliasentertainmentnetwork.com